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JoAnn Graham

Beautiful Bangles

because you can never have too many

JoAnn Graham


dress it up with cascading silver

JoAnn Graham


small works of art

Artist Statement

I “choreograph in sterling silver”.   Inspiration for each piece is a reflection of my previous career as a Dance Educator.  The irony of achieving works of beauty from hammering and heating metal in not unlike the process a dancer goes through defying gravity and sculpting in this “kinetic” fluidity of movement honoring the shape, form, energy, and texture found in our ever involving world.  The subtle shapes and forms of my jewelry connect and interact with the wearers own kinetic experience allowing for a sense of harmony and grace.

My designs evolve organically.  I alternately forge and anneal the silver so that I can manipulate the metal to achieve a sense of fluid undulating dance like movement.   During this process, I might texture, apply patinas, or solder additional metals.  Finally, the work is filled, sanded, and polished to achieve desired results.  Throughout this process, I am striving to achieve my own sense of harmony and balance that allows the wearer to witness the connection with the hand/body of the artist.  It is Art.  My work is an interactive visceral process uniting artist and client.

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I am an artist working in sterling, fine, and argentium silver, gold and steel creating unique, individual wearable art jewelry. All pieces are hand-fabricated, form-folded, forged and texturized, unique and handcrafted.